[img_assist|nid=16|title=|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=240|height=181|rel=lightbox]Wal-Mart has become a very easy target for anyone with half a brain and a quarter of a heart. Besides the millions of complaints waged against the company by its employees for everything from physical and mental abuse to out right theft of wages and the forcing of workers to work off the clock, Wal-Mart has long been the target of environmental and small town advocates who note that the stores gobble up open space, pollute, and drive small business out of business. Which is all true. Wal-Mart is a terrible and reprehensible organization. But, it is also indicative of the society as a whole. That’s the rub, folks. This is a terrible society.

In many ways Wal-Mart, much more so than our pretty flag or bald eagle, is the perfect representation of the United States. Greedy, polluting, all-consuming, out to screw the rest of the world to get what it can. As the world’s largest retailer from the world’s most powerful empire, Wal-Mart is as American as apple pie and pregnant 17-year old cheerleaders. It’s the dirty, soulless conglomerate that all other dirty, soulless conglomerates are compared to. Wal-Mart is capitalism’s perfect creature.

Which is why I don’t hate Wal-Mart itself. I hate the people who support it by shopping there. Well, maybe not the ones who have no other choice although I believe firmly that there is almost always a choice, even if that choice is the dreaded “going without.” I hate the lazy bastards who shop there because they are simply stupid and slothful. The last time I was in a Wal-Mart I left feeling filthy and rotten, as if I’d just swum twenty laps in raw sewage and hospital waste with a naked and randy Dick Cheney. Was it the brightly lit building sitting on what used to be farmland and cheap junk products that were made by underpaid child labor that made me feel this way? Partially. But, what really made feel like a rotten scum eating slug was the rotten scum eating slugs that were “shopping” at the store, groveling and drooling like rabid swine over all of the wonderfully low prices. These horrible monsters were simply God-fearing middle-Americans, but I recoiled in shock at the very sight of them. They are the same soulless creatures that think religious lunatics like Sarah Palin are groovy and that issues like gay marriage are important, while at the same time they themselves are being economically raped by the rich pigs that they voted into office simply because of the pig’s stance on gun control or gay marriage. These stupid-idiot-fat-gaping-mawed-ignorant-slack-jawed-swine have ruined this country. They are eyeless mouths eating the world’s resources and shitting out plastic waste to foul the land and sea. They are the horrible white greasy scum slugs that are often found under rocks in the dark forests of our soul. Full of rot and disease and NASCAR, racism, bigotry, and Jesus. Coca Cola, McDonalds, huge pick-up truck driving, reality TV watching, Coors Light drinking degenerates. You know, the average American…

Like a cancerous tumor on the brain stem of this nation, Wal-Mart and the hordes of maniacs who frequent it, have befouled our collective psyche to the point where we are left hungry for cheap plastic and deep fried fat. Our addiction is cultural and the remedy is disaster.