[img_assist|nid=20|title=Greed|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=175|height=240]When the Great Scribe comes and writes America’s final history, one can only suspect that he or she will sadly shake their great grey mane and write “it was the greed that done ‘em in” as the end verdict. The collapse of the American stock market in September of 2008, and the great and costly buyout by the Federal Government that followed, will then be noted as the breaking point; the exact moment when America officially stopped being a viable world power and where capitalism met its fated demise as the great, greedy folly that it is. And, folks, things will get very weird from here on out.

I fear that America will not bow softly and move easily into its place as a second or third world country like England did after its Empire fell. There will be wars, ladies and gentlemen. America is too crass and unseemly a culture to allow itself to be stripped of its vast wealth and fat standard of living without a fight.

Those trillions of dollars America spent on various weapons of mass destruction will be used on someone. Right now part of it is being spent on Iraq in a mad and desperate power grab for Middle Eastern oil rights. China or Russia will be next and that war will be very costly to all involved. As America stumbles under the weight of its failed “free” market policies and its own massive collective ego, the new dominant world powers—China, Russia, India, OPEC, and the European Union—sit back and grin while watching the death flails of the world’s biggest, and stupidest, dinosaur. The American Century is over.

Yet, this dinosaur still has teeth and as it dies it will strike out. The scariest thing for the future of this planet is not a group of fanatical Muslims hiding in a cave on the Pakistan border or even global warming. The thing that gives me great fear is what will happen when the world’s largest military budget swings into action in an insane attempt to save the standard of living of its fat, lazy population. As the wealthy class that has been running America since 1776 starts to panic and watches as their assets melt like the polar ice caps, they will lash out like the dumb brutes that they are. The “5%”—a term I use because the top 5% of the wealthiest people in America own 95% of the nation’s wealth—own the government as well and therefore own the military. These rabid greed junkies won’t be able to stand the thought of working for a slant-eyed boss—or one that doesn’t speak English as a first language or at all—and will howl like a gay priest at a Boy Scout jamboree at the idea of having to sell off one of their Lear jets or the house in Aspen. The scum-eating degenerates whose vast greed caused the failure of the American financial system forever should be hung in public squares and beaten like gongs. But, the kicker is that these bottom dwellers are the very same people who really run the country. Any one of the CEO’s of the numerous failed banks on Wall Street has in his address book the name of at least ten powerful politicians. Guaranteed. Maggots like George W. Bush, his father, Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney, they all come from the 5% and are beholden to them. Even poor and gentle Bill Clinton, a man who ever only wanted to help his fellow man and do his fellow woman, became entangled in the 5% and helped to deregulate Wall Street to the point where even the most crooked idiot could make a fortune selling pieces of paper to an equally greedy fool who would then turn and sell them to…

“What’s the answer,” you scream to me, wiping tears from your eyes as you watch your pretty future dissolve into a quagmire of fear and loathing. Part of me thinks that what will probably happen is the 5% will completely destroy the planet in an effort to keep their iron grip on their various cars, houses, clothes, jewels and yachts. Yet, part of me wants to believe that the 95% of the population in America will get their collective heads out their asses and stop worrying about gay marriage and other bullshit topics and rise up and seize power from the white Anglo-Saxon protestant filth mongers who have successfully driven the country into the ground. Once these monsters are deposed of and shipped off to deserted islands where they can spend their time hording coconuts, the rest of us can then get down to work on tasks such as coming up with a fair and sane system of government and an economy that is balanced and reasonable. Maybe…but the one thing I am sure of is that the next few years are going to be a very bumpy ride.

By the way, ask yourself this question: if American can easily come up with $700 billion to bail out Wall Street for its fiscal insanity, why can’t it provide decent health coverage for all of its population?

Whose priorities really matter?